Article about Chaise Longues

Chaise longue furniture items are placed at various indoor and outdoor spots in hotels and homes. Because of the versatility of a chaise longue, you can move it to the pool during a sunny day and back to the house when it starts to get stormy. Chaise longues are long and spacious; allowing you to sync flawlessly onto its structure and remain largely at ease. A chaise lounge provides you with the perfect spot for curling up, reading your favorite magazine or just resting with your kids and spouse.


The basic design of chaise longue furniture resembles that of a couch with the exception of two aspects. First, the back support part of a chaise longue slants backwards hence the reclined position that permits for full elongation of the feet. Second, the chaise longue may not always have armrests. Up to date most chaise lounge furniture is made of wood (mainly teak and cedar) due to its durability, beauty and versatility.

Designing your oasis

A chaise longue is the perfect piece of furniture to relax on after an exuberant swimming session on a sunny afternoon. Plastic pool chaises have easier maintenance requirements and are quite inexpensive compared to wooden ones.

You can enhance the appearance of your small paradise by using complementary cushions or adding touches such as decorated pillows on stripped or solid cushions. A red and black or yellow, white and black color palette goes a long way to upgrade the decor of your poolside paradise. However, some people prefer the more sophisticated options such as green or navy blue stripe cushions integrated with accent colors for their poolside chaise lounge furniture. If you do not like your cushions getting wet you can opt for other styles made of pvc, steel or mesh fabric which dry faster and do not absorb water.

Buying a chaise lounge

It is quite easy to find a set of chaise lounge furniture that meets your needs and fits into your budget.

1. Space

A chaise longue set with two chairs and one side table will occupy a considerable amount of space, so ensure you have enough room before making a purchase. Take into account that your furniture should give you a peaceful and cozy feel after a long day of meeting and beating deadlines.

2. Material

You should carefully choose the material of your furniture depending on where you want to place the lounge. Since you will be using your chaise longue chairs outdoors, give a lot of thought on the fabric. The material should be weather resistant and durable. Leather and vinyl are the ideal, water-proofed choices for your outdoor cushions.

3. Style

Chaise longues come in diverse designs and styles. You should choose one that meets your personal needs and gracefully fits into the scheme of your room. Lounges that heavily borrow from the themes of the 1950s are cushioned for ample comfort while the cushions of your poolside or garden lounge are designed to add a bit of character to your furniture.


The Interior Design Forum

My fellow interior designer and close friend Maxine Cresswell has just launched a new project which I thought I would give a quick shoutout to. The Interior Design Forum is all about finding the best furniture and decor from the web and sharing it for all to enjoy. Let’s face it, a lot of the same stuff seems to circulate pinterest these days, so it’s going to be great to see some fresh designs coming into the limelight.

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Where is the chaise longue from?


Today I stumbled accross an interesting article on where the chaise longue actually came from. I’ve always been interested in where certain pieces of furniture have originated. There’s just something magical about how each piece has evolved and made its mark on society. Here’s a snippet from the article:

“Around 4500 years ago, the great Pharaohs of Egypt were found to relax on chaise lounges due to the high heat during the day while servants would look after them. We know this as there is a lot of ancient art depicting these scenarios.

It is a similar scene from ancient Greece, where art shows Greek gods pictured on chaise lounges. Rulers of Greece were also shown to have used the chaise to lounge upon during the day. What is interesting in both cases that the chaise lounge was for the elite in society, for rulers to relax on while others got on with work around them. What a life!”

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